This feature is only available on our Business and Premium Plans.


The Sales Tracking feature allows you to track sales coming from people who have entered your sweepstakes or contest.

If a user who enters your promotion goes on to make a purchase from the same device or browser that they entered the promotion from, the pixel will track and report that sale.


The first step is to install the sales tracking pixel. Simply hover the campaign in your ViralSweep dashboard, click Analytics, then click Sales Tracking.

You have two installation options:

  • Standard Pixel which can be used on any site
  • Shopify Pixel to be installed on your Shopify site
  • We will roll out pre-made pixels for more shopping carts soon.

Standard Pixel Installation

Simply copy and paste the standard pixel onto the page that a user will see after they make a purchase on your site.

To set a static value for the purchase (where the purchase value will always be the same), simply change value=0 in the pixel to something like value=2500. This represents a $25.00 purchase.

More examples:

  • $9.50 purchase - value=950
  • $175.25 purchase - value=17525
  • $250 purchase - value=25000
  • $999.99 purchase - value=99999
  • $2853.21 purchase - value=285321

Dynamic Values
To set a dynamic value for the purchase (where the purchase value will always be different based on what the user has in their cart), you will need to have your developer determine the value using your own server-side language. Simply change the 0 in ?value=0 to the proper amount to report the purchase value.

Your developer will need to determine the value of the purchase before the page loads and then inject that value into the pixel.

For example, in PHP it could look like:


?value=<?PHP print $value; ?>

Shopify Pixel Installation

1) From your Shopify admin, click Settings, then click Checkout.

2) In the Order processing section, find the Additional scripts box and paste your pixel into the box:

3) Click Save.

Now, whenever someone who entered your promotion makes a purchase through your store, we will report the total price of the users purchase, which will include any shipping fees.

Sales Tracking Analytics

To see all data on purchases from your campaign, simply go to Analytics > Sales Tracking.

We provide you with charts, as well as a table breakdown of all the data.

In addition, you can export the data from the table to see the email addresses and purchase amounts.


If you have added the sales tracking pixel to your checkout page and you are still having issues with sales not showing or they are showing incorrectly, these are the most common reasons as to why:

Pixel added to the wrong page
If ViralSweep is reporting a sale, but you do not have any sales in your system, then you have added the pixel to the wrong page. This can happen if you add the pixel to a page that the user sees before they've actually completed their entire purchase. Be sure to move the pixel to a page that the user will see only after their order is submitted.
All sales are the same amount
If all your sales are being recorded as the same amount, this is because you are using our standard pixel and have put in a static value. If you need to report a dynamic value (where every purchase will be a different amount based on what the user has in their cart), then you need to have your developer follow the directions on this page for adding dynamic values.
I have sales, but they are not showing in ViralSweep
If you have sales and think they should be reporting in Viralsweep, the most common reason as to why they won't show up is because the person either did not enter your promotion (we will only track sales from an entry, not a pageview), or the person made their purchase on a different device than the one they entered your promotion from.

We're here to help

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